Goldman Sachs is hiring in an unlikely destination


    credits to: Business Insider

    When you think of Goldman Sachs employees, you might picture them working in global hubs like New York and London.

    You can now add Bangalore and Salt Lake to that list. The two cities now house the third and fourth largest populations of Goldman Sachs staff.

    Goldman has 10,000 staff in New York and New Jersey, which the firm considers one location. The bank’s second-biggest office is in London, with about 6,000 staff.

    In third place is Bengaluru, India, with about 5,000 employees. And Goldman’s fourth-largest office in the world is now Salt Lake City.

    The headcount in that office has grown by nearly 80% over the past five years and currently sits at around 2,200 people.


    As of last year, about 25% of Goldman Sachs’ staffed worked in lower-cost “strategic” locations around the world, including in Singapore, Warsaw, and Dallas, Texas.

    The bulk of these jobs are in tech. Goldman Sachs said in 2015 that 41% of its tech workforce now work in low-cost locations, up substantially from previous years.


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