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    Service Repair Needs for Appliances

    Liberty Appliance Repair Service is a fast, honest, dependable, same-day service appliance repair company. This Northern Utah company specializes in repairing all types and models of appliances from refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, disposals, microwaves, ovens, stovetops, freezers, to trash compactors. The company also offers a one-year warranty on all appliance parts and labor, unlike their competitors who offer three to six-month warranties. Additionally, Liberty Appliance Repair Service uses genuine factory parts for all their repairs, and their pricing is based on the industry standard job rate guide. As such, you can expect quality professional services at fair and reasonable prices, given that they charge a flat rate.

    Areas Of Service

    Liberty Appliance Repair Service provides appliance installation and repair services in the following Utah cities: Salt Lake City (Metro), Ogden (metro), and Provo/Orem (metro). Our services are also available in the following counties: Salt Lake County, Davis County, Weber County, Summit County (Park City, Deer Valley), most of Utah County and Morgan County (Morgan).


    Liberty Appliance Repair Service handles repair, installation, and maintenance of all major appliances. We all know appliance problems occur when we least expect them and at the most inconvenient of times. No need to worry, their company is able to work on and fix all your appliance brands, makes and models. They will have them back to functional capacity within the shortest time possible. Their area of expertise includes the following common brand appliances: Kenmore, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Maytag, Kitchen Aid, Jenn Air, LG, Amana, Electrolux, Bosch, Samsung, GE, among many others. Some of the appliance repairs they work with include:

    1. Refrigerators/Freezers

    Common refrigerator/freezer problems are:

    • not cooling
    • water dispenser not working
    • ice maker/dispenser not working
    • not defrosting properly
    • running loudly
    • defrost drain clogged
    • the freezer is cold, but the refrigerator is warm
    • drips/leaks water
    • won’t turn on
    • error code
    • bad smell
    • freezing food in the fridge

    For any of these common problems and for more serious refrigerator issues, call Liberty Appliance Repair Service to take care of your needs. It does not matter where you bought the refrigerator or which brand, make or model it is.

    1. Washers

    One never fully appreciates their washing machine until it breaks down. Common washer problems include:

    • not filling with water
    • not spinning
    • not draining
    • leaking water or oil
    • wanders and shakes
    • off balance
    • making a clanking noise
    • washing machine odor
    • won’t start
    • low flow
    • overflowing

    When you need a washer repair, they have all the parts necessary and an appliance repair team readily available to quickly take care of your needs.

    1. Dryers

    Dealing with damp clothing with dryers can be very frustrating. Common dryer problems include:

    • not heating
    • won’t tumble/spin
    • taking too long
    • having to run loads twice
    • making squeaking/thumping sound
    • hums and will not turn
    • clogged dryer lint filter
    • a clogged exhaust vent
    • failed internal fuse
    • broken start switch
    1. Stoves and ranges

    Some common stove problems are:

    • no bake/broil
    • switches not working
    • not heating
    • door locked shut and/or won’t close
    • burner(s) won’t work and/or light
    • irregular flame
    • error code
    • cracked stove top
    • temperature off
    1. Dishwashers

    Common dishwasher problems include:

    • won’t fill and/or drain
    • food/film on dishes
    • leaks water
    • bad odor
    • the door won’t open
    • the door won’t latch
    • won’t start
    • racks won’t roll out
    • won’t use detergent
    • lights blink
    • makes a noise
    • doesn’t clean well
    1. Microwaves

    Some of the most common microwave problems are:

    • not heating
    • no power
    • turntable won’t spin
    • electrical arching/sparking
    • loud hum
    • counts down, but not running
    • error code(s)
    1. Garbage Disposals

    The common garbage disposal problems are:

    • water backing up in the sink
    • won’t spin/grind
    • disposal has power but doesn’t work
    • not draining
    • leaks water
    • hums, won’t run
    • makes noise
    • no power to the disposal
    1. Ice Makers

    Common ice maker problems are:

    • no ice
    • extra ice buildup
    • ice tastes bad
    • won’t dispense ice
    • ice won’t eject
    • frost buildup
    • ice cubes too large or small
    • leaking
    • ice is discolored
    • hollow ice cubes
    • won’t shut off
    1. Ovens

    Common oven problems include:

    • no bake/broil and/or not heating
    • light not working
    • gas smell
    • won’t hold its temperature
    • door locked shut and/or won’t close
    • won’t self-clean
    • error code
    • temperature off

    To get your appliances running once again like new, trust Liberty’s knowledgeable staff to diagnose your machine correctly the first time. Contact Liberty Appliance Repair Service at (801) 888-3841 for the best service repair needs for appliances, you can also reach them by sending a quick service request form on their website at .


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